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Would you like to see your art on products? Maybe on some fabric or homeware or notebooks or wallpaper?

Before I became a licensed artist, I wished and dreamed of seeing this happen. The day it happened in 2013, I was so excited. It was a 'pinch me' moment. I got ten of my designs licensed onto a series of smart devices - smart phone & tablet covers.

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Back then I didn't really know how to contact companies. I haphazardly found them, sent an email and never contacted them again. I was pretty clueless.  I didn't hear from many companies but luckily this one got back to me and offered me a licensing deal. I was over the moon!

Since then my style has changed, I have licensed and sold many more designs and my work is now available in Walmart & Homegoods. Along the way I learned that you must contact companies continuously - once is not enough! Yes I got my first licensing deal on first contact but I was very lucky.

Since then I have also researched hundreds of companies - all types of companies from the very small to the large corporation, old and new, traditional and modern, in different categories and located all over the world.

Some of these companies I have worked with or I am in correspondence with and some of the companies didn't suit my style.

Since I had a large database of companies, I thought wouldn't it be good to share this information. I wanted to help someone new to art licensing who, like me in 2013, doesn't know where to look for companies, doesn't know about the tradeshows or art agents or all the other things in the Art Licensing world?

So, I created this directory 'Jumpstart Your Art Licensing' with that in mind - a guide with 202 Resources:

- 134 Companies accepting art & design submissions, plus a

- BONUS Guide of 68 resources - including Art Agents, Tradeshows, Trade Magazines, Licensing Shows & places to get your art featured both online & print. 

I have good feedback from customers telling me it is a wonderful resource for new artists and is packed with helpful tips. Check out the product reviews and also my Instagram for more feedback from happy customers! 

I hope my guide will help you to get started in art licensing! Best of luck with your pitching!


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