Ideas for Notebooks!

Hi everyone!

If you’re a stationery addict and have a lot of pretty notebooks, it might be a fun idea to use them for different things! So instead of one notebook that acts as a catch-all of ideas, why not use one journal for one purpose?

This blogpost is the first in a series. Check out these fabulous ideas. 

Creative ideas for notebooks

Travel journal - For your next holiday why not journal a little on all the great things you saw and did? If you’re a person that likes to pack in a lot of sites and activities whilst away, it’s sometimes easy to forget everything by the end of the holiday. At the end of each day, you can write a little on what you did, places you saw, and include photos, ticket stubs, mementos, etc. 

To Do List - Sometimes I write my ‘To Do’ list on scraps of paper and misplace them, or I have several lists that keep getting added to. So having a dedicated place to keep all my lists in one place is half the battle. Also did you know there are Dos and Don’ts for making a list - check out this link for expert advice on getting stuff done.

Blogpost planner - Are you a blogger? How do you come up with ideas for your blogposts? When you think of a great idea for a future blogpost, where do you write it down? If blogging is your full time gig, you’ll need a dedicated place to plan out your blogposts.

Recipes - I like to collect recipes to try out - from the Internet, TV cooking shows, magazines, books & from friends and family. And when I’ve tested the recipe and perhaps made changes, if it passes the taste test, only then will it make it into a recipe journal! 

Bucket list - You will never be bored of life if you have a bucket list! A bucket list is a great idea whenever you feel stuck and it’s a wonderful remedy for getting over a breakup. Generally a bucket list will make you see just how amazing and abundant our world is and it will make you fall in love with life! Check out this site for bucket list ideas.

Check back soon for more fabulous ideas. I used this notebook for this blogpost. 


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